Regulations (in Dutch)

Gemeenschappelijke regeling NOSTER 2022-2026 (Common Regulation 2022-2026)
Samenwerkingsovereenkomst NOSTER 2022-2026 (Agreement of Cooperation 2022-2026)
Huishoudelijk Reglement NOSTER (Internal Regulations)

NOSTER Statement on Social Safety and Professional Conduct

The members of NOSTER constitute a community of scholars dedicated to the study of religion in all its variety. Freedom of inquiry and expression is at the heart of this enterprise, and such freedom carries with it the responsibility of professional conduct. We are committed to providing an intellectually stimulating and enriching environment, marked by rigorous academic exchange of competing and sometimes conflicting ideas, in which all students, PhD candidates, staff and visitors feel welcome and respected. NOSTER seeks to foster collegiality, integrity, equality, and respect among its members. Any manifestation of conduct that undermines these core values, be it in the form of sexual misconduct, harassment, aggression, bullying, or discrimination, is unequivocally unacceptable.

Participants in NOSTER modules who have experienced such behaviour, whether as victims or witnesses, are encouraged to contact the Academic Director (Matthijs den Dulk, or the Curriculum Coordinator (Lieneke Timpers, All such reports will be treated with strict confidentiality. Alternatively, participants can contact a confidential advisor (vertrouwenspersoon) at their home institution.

Breaches in professional conduct are typically addressed by ethics committees within the institution of the alleged offender. It has been agreed, however, that if such behaviour is reported to NOSTER, the Academic Director can take measures regarding participation in NOSTER activities, in consultation with the alleged offender’s university. For more details on this process, including provisions for appeals, please refer to the procedure outlined in our Internal Regulations (articles 6.3 and 10 Huishoudelijk Reglement).

Annual Reports (in Dutch)

Jaarverslag 2022 (Annual Report 2022)
Jaarverslag 2021 (Annual Report 2021)
Jaarverslag 2020 (Annual Report 2020)
Jaarverslag 2019 (Annual Report 2019)
Jaarverslag 2018 (Annual Report 2018)
Jaarverslag 2017 (Annual Report 2017)
Jaarverslag 2016 (Annual Report 2016)
Jaarverslag 2015 (Annual Report 2015)
Jaarverslag 2014 (Annual Report 2014)
Jaarverslag 2013 (Annual Report 2013)

Assessment 2019

NOSTER’s Self-Assessment Report 2013-2018
Assessment Report 2019 (As NOSTER has been assessed as part of the research assessment of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies of Radboud University, this document contains only those parts of the full report that are relevant for NOSTER.)