Data processing of website visitors

Neither NOSTER (the owner of this website) nor Twin Digital (the host and webmaster of this website) processes any personal data of visitors of this website.

Data processing of members and guest users

Data collection
1. All data provided through the forms on this website are securely saved by Twin Digital (the host and webmaster of this website), which does not share these data with third parties.
2. NOSTER collects the name, e-mail address and institutional position of new members and guest users as provided through resp. the Membership Registration Form and the Guest Registration Form on this website. In addition, NOSTER occasionally requests the postal address of guest users (for sending an invoice).

Data storage
3. NOSTER stores all these data in its administrative system to enable sending individual messages or messages to specific groups of members or guest users, and to determine the number of members or guest users per institution or group. This administrative system is stored on the server of Radboud University and only NOSTER staff members have access to it.
4. NOSTER will add the name and e-mail address of members and guest users to its Mailchimp account and use it to send newsletters. At the bottom of each newsletter, recipients can find an unsubscribe button. The privacy policy of Mailchimp can be found here.
5. NOSTER will use the name and e-mail address to create a Moodle account for all (Re)MA students and PhD candidates (both members and guest users) as well as for those senior members (assistant, associate, extraordinary and full professors) that teach a NOSTER module. The privacy policy of Moodle can be found here.
6. NOSTER will not share the e-mail addresses of members or guest users with third parties.

Data removal
8. When NOSTER is informed about the end of membership or when a member or guest user requests to have their data removed, NOSTER
a. deletes their Moodle account (if applicable);
b. removes the name and e-mail address from its administrative system. (NOSTER does keep a record of all modules completed by all (Re)MA students and PhD candidates, but each entry becomes anonymous after removal of name and e-mail address.)
c. does not remove their name and e-mail address from its Mailchimp account unless explicitly requested: subscribers can keep receiving newsletters or simply unsubscribe.


Website visitors, members or guest users who have any questions can contact the NOSTER office.