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ReMA students enrolled at institutions participating in NOSTER (check here) can fill in the registration form and sign it. Please ask the coordinator of your local Graduate School or Research Master’s Programme to sign it and send it to the NOSTER office. Once you have been registered at NOSTER, you can participate in all curriculum events free of charge.
MA students following a three-year MA programme at institutions participating in NOSTER (check here) can register by using the registration form. However, in addition, they need to provide a Transcript of Records of their BA programme proving a minimum average rate of 7.5 (on a scale of 1-10) and their institution needs to confirm their willingness to pay the registration fee.
Upon finishing your courses at NOSTER, you can ask for a Record of Courses Completed, which offers an overview of all courses, credits and marks. You can send this to the relevant unit at your own institution in order for them to award the actual ECs.

Participation without registration

ReMA students registered at another research school in the Humanities can participate in all NOSTER curriculum events and only pay occasional catering and accommodation costs.
ReMA students unable or unwilling to be registered at NOSTER or any other research school in the Humanities can still participate in NOSTER curriculum events. However, they pay for separate events (€50 per EC plus catering and accommodation costs).

User account

Please note that creating a user account on this website is only a technical requirement to enable digital registration for curriculum events—that is, you do not become registered at NOSTER by creating such an account, but by filling in the registration form as explained above.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.