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NOSTER is responsible for the national training programme for PhD candidates and ReMA students in the field of theology and religious studies. The NOSTER curriculum is structured in such a way that PhD candidates and ReMA students participate for a longer period of time (preferably during the full course of their PhD research/Research Master’s programmes) with varying intensity. NOSTER offers seminars, conferences, and masterclasses with renowned scholars, both from the participating institutions and abroad. All curriculum events are open to ReMA students and PhD candidates registered at NOSTER or at any other research school in the Humanities. For more information about membership and costs, click here (for ReMA students) or here (for PhD candidates). More information about single curriculum events can be found by clicking on the name of the event. NOSTER currently offers the following events:

Research Seminars
NOSTER’s long-term Research Seminars are the core of the NOSTER curriculum and are arranged by theme and/or methodology. The seminars aim at the establishment of an academic community of peers in which ongoing research is presented and discussed. In addition to presenting and discussing their own work, the participants read methodological or theoretical key texts to become experts in their sub-discipline. Each seminar consists of ten half-day sessions throughout the academic year and is supervised by one or two senior researchers in the field.

Besides the Research Seminars, the NOSTER curriculum consists of several annual, biennial or one-off curriculum events that all have their own goal and focus. The NOSTER academic year opens at the end of September when all seminars gather in the morning (parallel), while in the afternoon, a general and current topic is discussed in a plenary lecture and/or workshop. Halfway through the academic year, in February, this format is repeated at the Midyear Meeting, at which the afternoon programme focuses on career perspectives (in and outside academia) of PhD candidates and ReMA students in theology and religious studies. At the annual Spring Conference, ReMA students and PhD candidates have the opportunity to present their research; senior scholars are invited to respond to advanced presentations by PhD candidates who are in the final stage of their research. The second day of the Spring Conference is often dedicated to transferable research skills.
In addition to these three annual events, NOSTER offers (at least biannually) a Grand Course, a more intensive course or season school that investigates a theme from different disciplinary perspectives. The themes and structure of these courses are mostly related to current discussions and developments in the fields of theology and religious studies.

  • NOSTER Midyear Meeting
    Friday 12 March 2021 in Nijmegen
  • NOSTER Spring Conference
    Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April 2021 in Nijmegen
  • NOSTER Kick-Off
    Friday 24 September 2021, location: Nijmegen
  • NOSTER Grand Course
    Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 November 2021 “Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts”.  Location: Amsterdam
  • NOSTER Must-Have-Reads 
    Four meetings in October-November, Location: Utrecht
Research Webinar ‘Christianity Worldwide’ 2021-2022, Online

Research Webinar ‘Christianity Worldwide’ 2021-2022, Online

 Teaching staff: The course is coordinated by Professor dr. Dorottya Nagy (PThU) and Professor dr. Martha Frederiks (UU). When and where relevant for specific research projects, other senior NOSTER members will be invited to share their expertise.  Course description: The NOSTER Research Webinar Christianity Worldwide spotlights methods and theory in the study of […]

12 Oct 2021


The Grand Course 2021 (Amsterdam, 3-5 November 2021, 2 EC) will address the theme of religious heritage. The Course consists of a masterclass with Professor dr. Marian Burchardt and the NGG Conference “Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts”. Please note that it is possible to earn 3 extra credits for this event by writing […]

03 Nov 2021

NOSTER Spring Conference 2021 (Online)

The Spring Conference: one of the highlights of NOSTER’s curriculum. In this two-day conference on 22-23 April on Zoom, you can engage with the work of your peers and listen to a keynote lecture. The perfect place to discover the ‘academic conference’ formula and to exchange knowledge and experience. You are most welcome to submit […]

1-1.5 EC 01 Jan 1970

Summer School in Indonesia ‘Discourse Analysis in Religious Studies’

In collaboration with the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, NOSTER presents a Summer School on ‘Discourse Analysis in Religious Studies’ with local and international participants. Together with the lecturer of this course, participants will travel to Indonesia for this one-time special event in the multireligious context of Yogyakarta. The location enables field trips to important […]

5 EC 01 Jan 1970
Midyear Meeting 2021: Religion and Environment (ONLINE)

Midyear Meeting 2021: Religion and Environment (ONLINE)

Since circumstances have not evolved as positively as we had anticipated, it has been decided to organise this event ONLINE ONLY. Teaching staff: Morning programme: Professor dr. Erik Borgman (TiU) and dr. John-Harmen Valk (LU). Afternoon programme: various contributors, see NGG website. Course description: Religious leaders and institutions contribute significantly to the discourse about environmental […]

0,5 EC 01 Jan 1970

Must-Have-Read: Karl Barth’s Römerbrief/De brief aan de Romeinen

Autumn 2020 NB: Course taught in Dutch

01 Jan 1970

Must-Have-Read: Durkheim’s Elementary Forms of Religious Life

Teaching staff: dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab (UU) Course description: Reading a classic cover-to-cover: students and emerging as well as established scholars rarely find the time to do so. This course presents the opportunity to study and discuss one such classic publication. In four or five sessions, dr. Tamimi Arab guides participants through its history, context, […]

2 EC 12 Oct 2021
Midyear Meeting 2020

Midyear Meeting 2020

0.5 EC 01 Jan 1970
Grand Course 2019

Grand Course 2019

2-5 EC 01 Jan 1970
Research Seminar Religious Studies

Research Seminar Religious Studies


3 EC 01 Jan 1970
NOSTER Spring (Video) Conference 2020

NOSTER Spring (Video) Conference 2020

23-24 April 2020 – Online Video Conference

1 - 2 EC 01 Jan 1970