The Junior Membership Registration Form (below) should be used to register (Re)MA students and PhD candidates. It should not be filled out by these aspiring members themselves, but by a director or coordinator at their institution on their behalf.

Registered (Re)MA students and PhD candidates participate in all NOSTER events free of charge (including meals and accommodation). Membership fees for MA students and PhD candidates will be invoiced directly to the participating institution; for membership of ReMA students, institutions don’t need to pay. In 2023-2025, membership is free for external PhD candidates.

The category of PhD candidates includes (1) employed PhD candidates (werknemer-promovendus); (2) employees with a part-time exemption for doing doctoral research (promoverend medewerker); (3) externally funded PhD candidates; and (4) bursary PhD candidates. A PhD candidate who doesn’t fit in any of these four subcategories is an external PhD candidate (buitenpromovendus/-a). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the NOSTER office at

For more information about fees and other terms and conditions, click here. (Re)MA students and PhD candidates who are not registered with NOSTER but wish to follow individual modules should fill out the Guest Registration Form.