Junior Council

The Junior Council consists of PhD candidates and ReMA students. It cooperates with the NOSTER office in evaluating NOSTER modules and offers suggestions for future modules. Junior members are invited to share their ideas, comments and suggestions regarding NOSTER activities with the Junior Council by e-mail at juniorcouncil@noster.org.

J.D.T. (Jip) Lensink MA
L.J. (Loïs) Oosterhof-van Bruggen MA
M.J. (Marten) van den Toren-Liefting MSc
P.L. (Petra) Laagland Winder MA

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of several senior members as well as two junior members from the Junior Council. It advises the Academic Director regarding policy plans, annual budgets and the assessment of funding applications. NOSTER members can contact the Advisory Board by sending an e-mail to its chair, Kim Knibbe.

Dr. K.E. (Kim) Knibbe, chair
Dr. W.R. (William) Arfman
Professor dr. K. (Koert) van Bekkum
Professor dr. L. (Laurens) ten Kate
P.L. (Petra) Laagland Winder MA
J.D.T. (Jip) Lensink MA
Dr. K. (Katja) Rakow
Professor dr. G.A. (Gerard) Wiegers

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee consists of two senior and two junior members from the Advisory Board and is responsible for the annual evaluation of the NOSTER curriculum. Junior members can contact the Curriculum Committee by email sending an e-mail to its chair, Laurens ten Kate.

Professor dr. L. (Laurens) ten Kate, chair
Dr. K.E. (Kim) Knibbe
P.L. (Petra) Laagland Winder MA
J.D.T. (Jip) Lensink MA