Spring Conference 2023: looking back

This year’s edition of the annual Spring Conference for ReMA students and PhD candidates was another success, with a wide variety of papers presented. The workshops on academic presenting, writing conference abstracts, and grant writing were all challenging and well-attended. One of the highlights was the engaging lecture by Dr. Rik Peels, as well as the concluding panel on Digital Religion by Resilience.

But of course, the conference is not only about presenting papers and listening to lectures. There was also room for lots of coffee breaks, drinks, and even a Murder Mystery on Monday evening run by our very own Junior Council – with energizing performances by the NOSTER board as the Cook, the Butler, the Chauffeur, and the Maid.

And finally, the beautiful grounds at Abdij MariΓ«nkroon formed a nice backdrop to the academic input. On Monday it was even warm enough for afternoon drinks outside, and many people were optimistic enough to wander outside for lunch.

In short: a successful edition of the Spring Conference!