NOSTER Starts Using Online Learning Environment Moodle

NOSTER has launched its brand new online learning environment recently! We found that our website and registration systems are in need of an update. In addition, the pandemic has made many of us discover the possibilities and challenges of remote learning and the necessity of solid online infrastructures. With Moodle, we hope to present just that: a place where the NOSTER curriculum is easily accessible for ReMA students, PhD candidates and teaching staff, facilitating the best mix of remote and onsite education. In Moodle, you can find up-to-date information about the NOSTER curriculum and the option to enrol in the modules of your choice. It is no longer possible to register for courses and events through the NOSTER website. All ReMA students and PhD candidates active in NOSTER have received an e-mail regarding their new Moodle account (please check your inbox or spam folder). If you have not received this e-mail but you want to enrol in one or more courses, please contact us.

Browse through NOSTER’s curriculum and enroll in the modules of your choice: Proceed to Moodle >>