Midyear Meeting 2023

Halfway through the year, the Midyear Meeting focuses on career perspectives, both within and outside academia. As an academic community of emerging and senior scholars, NOSTER offers a valuable platform to plan and promote your (academic) career.

This year’s meeting focuses on achieving research impact. The two following workshops focus on specific aspects of the academic career: the first allows participants to explore the intricacies of studying abroad, while the second tackles the relatively new concepts of ‘validation and appreciation’ within an academic career.

The Midyear meeting 2023 will take place on the 3rd of February, in the Zittingzaal at the University of Groningen (Oude Boteringestraat 38).


10:15              Welcome and opening remarks (NOSTER)

10:30               Dr. Kim Knibbe and Dr. Brenda Bartelink (RUG) on “How to create impact for your research”     

12:00               Lunch

13:00               Workshops

Workshop 1: Going abroad during or after your Master/PhD – Lecturers: Dr. Daan Oostveen (UU), Iris Veerbeek MA (VU)

Summary: Going abroad is one of the more valuable ways in which you enrich your academic career. This workshop will help you prepare more fully for such a step, up to and including what not to expect! Themes that will be discussed include: what are the benefits of studying and/or doing research abroad in terms of intellectual development and career perspectives? What financial and logistical preparations need to be taken into account? How can the right location be determined? Any questions you might have are welcome! 

Workshop 2: Validation and Appreciation: what does this mean? – Lecturer: Professor dr. Mladen Popović (Dean and Professor, RUG)

Summary: In 2019, Dutch universities, academy and funding bodies launched a new initiative called Erkennen en waarderen, which offered new perspectives on validation and appreciation within academia by shifting the emphasis to those qualities which academic researchers often possess, but which are not often recognized. This workshop will help you work out ways in which you can incorporate this topic in your ReMA / PhD trajectory and beyond – an invaluable addition to any applications or proposals you are working on or are planning to write in the future. 

14:00               Coffee Break

14:30               Seminar Meetings

16:30               Drinks at Land van Kokanje