Lieneke Timpers New Curriculum Coordinator

As of September, Lieneke Timpers is the new Curriculum Coordinator for NOSTER. She has an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from University College London and is finishing her degree in Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven. Calling herself “a systematic theologian with a linguistics streak,” she is currently conducting research on the digital turn within systematic theology. “I firmly believe that we as a society are more than ever in need of well-trained theologians and religious studies scholars, and I feel very privileged to contribute to that within NOSTER. I have plenty of ideas of course, but more than that, Iโ€™m looking forward to hearing from you as researchers: what skills, topics, and tools do you need to improve your research?”

In her free time, she’s involved with organizing and participating in Ignatian (silence) retreats, and has an ongoing passion for living religion in community. She also loves climbing, cuddling with her cat, and plundering second-hand shops for vintage treasures.