Enrol for Kick-Off, Seminars, and more!

A new academic year has arrived! This means that you can register for the Kick-off, Seminars, and more. Registered users have received a Moodle account and can enrol in the courses of their choice. Not a member (yet) but interested in participation in (one of) our modules? Please visit the registration page for all information about membership and guest access, or contact noster@ru.nl. See the curriculum page for general information about these and other modules.

Upcoming modules:

  • Kick-Off (24 September 2021, RU Nijmegen). Afternoon programme with Professor dr. Marianne Moyaert; in the morning, several research seminars will have their first sessions.
  • Research Seminar Religion, Theology, and Gender (opening session 8 September 2021, online)
  • Research Seminar Dogmatics, Ethics, and the Philosophy of Religion (opening session to be announced)
  • Research Seminar Empirical Research in Religion (opening session 24 September 2021, RU Nijmegen)
  • Research Seminar Religious Studies (opening session 24 September 2021, RU Nijmegen)
  • Intensive Text Reading Seminar ‘The Challenge of Difference’ (opening session 1 October, Utrecht)
  • Research Webinar Christianity Worldwide (opening session in October: exact date to be announced, online)
  • Must-Have-Read Émile Durkheim’s Elementary Forms of Religious Life (taught by dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab, opening session in October 2021 in consultation with enrolled participants)
  • NOSTER/NISIS Workshop Day (15 October 2021, Utrecht)
  • Grand Course ‘Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts’ (3-5 November, Amsterdam)

We are looking forward to welcoming you in these modules!