“New Webinar Christianity Worldwide”

“Christianity Worldwide” is a new research webinar for (external) PhD candidates taught by Professor dr. Dorottya Nagy (PThU) and Professor dr. Martha Frederiks (UU). The course – eight monthly sessions starting in October 2021 – spotlights methods and theory in the study of Christianity/ies worldwide.  The aim of the course is to familiarize PhD candidates with relevant theories and methods in order to assist them in making well-considered choices while planning and executing their research project and while analyzing the data. The course will be taught online to cater especially for external PhD candidates and employs close-reading of key texts and peer-to-peer coaching of draft texts as its main methods. The number of participants is limited to 20, with a preference for external PhD candidates. Of course, both regular and external PhD candidates are most welcome to register for other research seminars, courses, and plenary events as well. More information can be found in Moodle.