Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Theologie en Religiewetenschap
Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion

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Membership & Testimonium

As a research master student you will be prepared for a future in academia. As a national research school NOSTER plays an important role in connecting the academic field of theology and religious studies in the Netherlands and educating junior researchers in these fields. That is why NOSTER warmly welcomes all ReMA students whose primary interest lies in religious studies and/or theology to take part in the NOSTER curriculum.

Most research master students (ReMA students) are required to enroll in one of the Dutch research schools (‘onderzoekscholen’) and obtain up to 10 EC in this research school during the two years of their programme. At NOSTER you can earn EC’s by participating in the various curriculum items. Most popular are the continuing PhD Seminars, the Grand Course and the annual NOSTER Spring Conference. More information about the NOSTER curriculum can be found here. To be able to participate in the various NOSTER curriculum items, you need to become a NOSTER junior member (or have a membership at one of the other research schools in the humanities). 

NOSTER welcomes all students enrolled at one of the universities participating in NOSTER and whose primary interest lies in Religious Studies and/or Theology to become a NOSTER junior member. Students can register for junior membership via their graduate school or local research institute.

Membership of NOSTER is free for ReMA students from the thirteen universities that participate in NOSTER; their fees are paid directly to NOSTER by their own universities. ReMA students from other universities that are interested in following NOSTER courses can contact the NOSTER office:

Cashing EC’s
ReMA students who have participated in the NOSTER curriculum can ask for a certificate at the end of their membership period (or after finishing the last curriculum item) on which te earned EC’s are listed at the NOSTER office ( For cashing the EC’s, please submit the certificate to the examination board at your home university.