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Membership & Testimonium

PhD Membership NOSTER
PhD candidates connected to an academic institution that participates in NOSTER can become a junior member of the research school. NOSTER distinguishes between two types of junior membership: regular membership and associated membership.

Different types of NOSTER membership & costs for participation in NOSTER courses
a. Regular junior membership
PhD candidates with a (paid) position at an academic institution that participates in NOSTER and whose position is at least 3 FTE for the course of the entire research project (e.g. 3 years fulltime or 3 years and 9 months 0.8 FTE) can become a regular NOSTER member. Regular NOSTER members do not have to pay for participating in NOSTER courses, as their institution pays their contribution.

b. Associated junior membership
(Non-affiliated) PhD Candidates who do not have a (paid) position at an academic institution that participates in NOSTER or whose position is less than 3 FTE for the course of the entire research project, can become an associated member. The costs for associated membership are €1,000 for four years (max. 3 x participation in the NOSTER Spring PhD Conferences) or €400 per year. NOSTER will send the invoice to the institution from which the PhD candidate hopes to acquire his/her PhD degree. This institution will itself either or not balance this with the PhD candidate or with the candidate’s employer (e.g. if he/she works at a university of applied sciences).

NOSTER Testimonium
For both, regular and associated junior members, NOSTER offers a certified study programme. The norm for these programmes is as follows: each PhD candidate must attend courses for the equivalent of 15 EC. Once the PhD candidate has successfully completed their study programme requirements, they receive a NOSTER testimonium as proof. In principle, the certified study programme consists of two compulsory courses and a selection of electives. The compulsory courses are:

  • two years participation in one of the NOSTER PhD seminars (2.5 ECTS per year) or PhD intensive text reading seminar (5 ECTS per year);
  • three times participation in the annual two-day NOSTER spring PhD conference incl. a presentation of recently started dissertation research and a presentation of more advanced dissertation research with responses by senior researchers (1-2 ECTS per year).
  • the remaing ECTS can be obtained by: the annual NOSTER autumn PhD meeting, the annual Midyear Meeting, the biennial Grand Course Theology and Religious Studies & one-time advanced courses, master classes and reading seminars. They may also choose to attend courses provided by the other national research schools in the humanities affiliated with LOGOS.

c. Participation in individual courses
(External) PhD candidates who cannot or do not want to become a member of NOSTER are welcome to participate in individual NOSTER courses and activities with the condition that the application for a NOSTER course is accompanied by an approval of the candidate’s (intended) supervisor. NOSTER will send an invoice to the PhD candidate.

The curriculum fees are as follows (€ 50.00 per EC):

Module EC Costs
PhD Seminars (one year participation) 2.5 € 125.00
Autumn PhD Conference 0.5 € 25.00
Spring PhD Conference 1.0-2.0 € 50.00 (excl. meals/accommodation)
PhD Text Reading Seminars 5.0 € 250.00
Master Classes min. 1 From € 50.00

For (non-affiliated) PhD candidates who can’t or don’t want to become a NOSTER member it is possible to pay a € 400.00 (1 year) or € 1,000.00 (3 years) fee for participating in any NOSTER activity.

Signing and handing in your application form
The official request for becoming a regular or associated junior member needs to be sent to NOSTER by the institution to which the PhD candidate is connected: the institution needs to survey the number of its employees that are a regular junior member of NOSTER (which affects the institution’s annual contribution) and it needs to survey the number of its employees that are an associated junior member of NOSTER (as it is responsible for paying NOSTER’s invoice for this membership).

Therefore, fill in the application form digitally and send it to the Graduate School or research institute of your institution. They can send the final version to NOSTER:

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Deadlines for application
You can apply for membership throughout the year.