Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Theologie en Religiewetenschap
Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion

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The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion NOSTER is a major platform for research and training in the fields of theology and religious studies in the Netherlands and Flanders. Thirteen research institutes in these fields have joined forces, providing a stimulating environment for some 200 senior members and 100 junior members.

NOSTER – an acronym of the ‘Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Theologie en Religiewetenschap’ – offers a training programme for PhD candidates and ReMA students by organizing seminars, conferences, and master classes with renowned scholars, both from the participating institutions and abroad.

NOSTER is institutionally embedded in the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen. It is responsible for the national training program for PhD candidates and ReMA students, and a national research program that clusters the activities of the twelve participating institutions on this research area. This interdisciplinary research program covers a wide range of academic disciplines, in which different religious and philosophical traditions and practices are studied, using historical, literary, systematic or empirical methods, from an insider’s perspective as well as by studying religion and philosophy of life as social, historical and cultural phenomena. In the school religious scholars, theologians, philosophers (of religion), historians, and social and literary scientists work together. In order to stimulate disciplinary but especially interdisciplinary cooperation between senior members, NOSTER provides financial support for Research Collaboration Groups (RCG) and thematic seminars that are organised by NOSTER members themselves.

Academic mission

NOSTER advances an outstanding and challenging curriculum in theology and religious studies for ReMA students and PhD candidates committed to excellence, consisting of an optimal combination of national and local educational activities. International exchange is strongly stimulated for the benefit of research and education. The actual research training programme of NOSTER has two objectives. In the first place, without prescribing a uniform methodology, it serves to familiarise the trainee researcher with various forms of research in the field of theology and religious studies and the methods used in them. Secondly, it is intended to provide further training for trainee researchers and PhD candidates in the skills and techniques of the discipline which forms their background. In addition and more generally, NOSTER aims to create an academic community in which research in the field of theology and religious studies can be optimally pursued. In this context NOSTER wants to bring both established and new generations of researchers in this field into contact with innovative disciplinary and interdisciplinary developments, theoretical and methodological alternatives, and broad overviews of possible applications. NOSTER stimulates new initiatives and explorations in research, and provides a national forum to further communication between the participating institutes with a view to both short-term and long-term collaboration.

Participating Institutions
The following institutions participate in NOSTER: