Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Theologie en Religiewetenschap
Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion

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NOSTER PhD Study Program

While you are free to decide which curriculum events you want to participate in, you can also opt for following NOSTER’s PhD Study Program (15 EC). In principle, this study program consists of two compulsory courses and a selection of electives. The compulsory courses are:

  1. Participation in a Research Seminar for two years (2 x 2,0-2,5 EC);
  2. Participation in two Spring Conferences (incl. a presentation of recently started dissertation research and a presentation of more advanced dissertation research) (1,5 and 2,0 EC).

The remaining ECs can be obtained by participating in any other NOSTER curriculum events or in courses offered by other research schools in the humanities. Once you have completed this study program, you will receive an official certificate.