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Death and Consolation

Looptijd: 2012-2016
Coördinatoren: Dr. C. Jedan (RUG) & prof.dr. E. Venbrux (RU)

Verslag themagroep Death and Consolation 27032014

Verslag themagroep Death and Consolation_03102013

Short Note on the Theme group ‘Death and Consolation’
2012 saw the inauguration of a new NOSTER Theme group, on death and consolation, convened by Christoph Jedan (Groningen) and Eric Venbrux (Nijmegen). The group’s aim is to put the hitherto under-researched field of consolation for death on the research agenda. The ‘kick-off meeting’ was held in Nijmegen on 30 November 2012. Currently the group is working towards a joint publication, a volume with the preliminary title ‘Consolation-scapes: Analysing Grief and Consolation between Space and Culture’. The publication project will be prepared in a workshop in Nijmegen in April 2013 where pre-circulated position papers will be discussed, and a session at the international spatial sciences conference on ‘Emotional Geographies’ in Groningen 1-3 July 2013. The amount of interest in this session generated among researchers in the humanities and spatial sciences already indicates that this Noster group on death and consolation has hit upon an important lacuna in today’s academic landscape. We keep you posted!

Christoph Jedan (RUG)