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Constructing theories on spirituality

Looptijd: 2009-2014
Coördinator: Dr. E. Hense (RU)

Uitnodiging boekpresentatie ‘Maria Petyt – A Carmelite Mystic in Wartime’
19 november 2015, Nijmegen

Update themagroep Constructing Theories on spirituality, oktober 2015

Thematic Seminar ‘A Quest for Quality of Life: spiritual discernment and choice in contexts of societal renewal’

27 June 2014, Nijmegen
Thematic seminar Spiritual discernment and choice in contexts of societal renewal

Verslag thematic seminar 27 juni 2014

Verslag Constructing theories on spirituality, november 2013

Review of the expert meeting ‘Maria Petyt – A Carmelite mystic in wartime’
11 and 12 October 2012, Nijmegen
Our expert meeting was attended by eight speakers from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands and another eight colleagues from the same countries. We discussed papers about a recently discovered text of Maria Petyt in a Latin Codex and the historical and religious context of Maria Petyt and her writings. Among others we asked the following questions: which concepts do we have to use for characterizing Maria Petyt and her works? Is it adequate to speak about Maria Petyt as a mystic or a spiritual daughter or should we better use the term famula dei? Did Maria show bias with the Dutch war and if so what does this mean for categorizing her spirituality and her inner prayer? Because Maria Petyt did not fit in common patterns of a Carmelite hermit, we need to broaden outmoded concepts about Maria, recognizing her as a self confident woman who formulated her own political perspectives and goals.

Elisabeth Hense (RU)