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Christianity Worldwide Research Webinar for external PhD Candidates

13 Sep 2021

A team of senior scholars in the field of intercultural, comparative and ecumenical theology, missiology and mission studies is currently developing a research webinar on Christianity Worldwide (working title), due to start in September 2021. As we aim primarily at external PhD candidates (buitenpromovendi) working in their home country, this research seminar will be taught entirely online. In a series of online sessions throughout the academic year, participants will present their own research to peers and senior scholars in order to facilitate feedback and find new inspiration. Key themes and texts from these fields will also be discussed focusing on both content and method. Participants should be registered at a graduate school with an approved Training and Supervision Plan. External PhD candidates interested in participating in this research webinar are invited to contact the NOSTER office; potential participants are kindly requested to provide the name(s) of their institution and supervisor(s), their city/country of residence, and a title and brief summary of their project. This will allow us to adjust the course to their needs.