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CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS Spring Conference 2021 – Extended Deadline

25 Mar 2021

The deadline for this Call has been extended until 25 March 2021.

The Spring Conference: one of the highlights of NOSTER’s curriculum. In this two-day conference on 22-23 April on Zoom, you can engage with the work of your peers and listen to a keynote lecture. The perfect place to discover the ‘academic conference’ formula and to exchange knowledge and experience. Building on the format of previous years but restructuring the parallel sessions, presentations will take place in three different settings: Brainstorm sessions, Feedback sessions and Review sessions:

 Brainstorm session, 45 min (20 min presentation, 25 min discussion)
For: those who could benefit from input from peers whilst working on a particular question or problem. This can, for instance, includes exploring a topic for your thesis or dissertation or tackling a problem or dilemma in a more advanced stage of your research.
Aim: to help you explore your options.

Feedback session, 45 min (20 min presentation, 25 min discussion)
For: those who have a draft text (max. 20 pages) that they want to improve. This can be a research proposal, an excerpt of the thesis or dissertation, a journal article, a questionnaire or interview design, etc. Feedback can include style, argument, use of sources, etc.
Aim: to improve your work-in-progress

Review session, 60 min (20 min presentation, 20 min review, 20 min discussion)
For: PhD candidates in the final stage of their project, who would like to receive a critical review from a senior scholar on a chapter or article in its (pre)final stage (max. 20 pages)
Aim: to put your work to the test and to help you prepare for your defence.
It is no longer possible to submit any proposal for this type of presentation/session.

Apart from fresh ideas and constructive feedback, presenting your research earns you an extra 0.5 EC on top of the Spring Conference’s regular 1 EC.

If you wish to present your research, please send an email to before 26 February 25 March 2021 including:
a) the title of your presentation,
b) a brief description for peers stating what you will present (max. 300 words including the context and status of your research, topic or field of interest, if applicable: a summary of the text you will submit), and
c) the category (Brainstorm or Feedback, or Review).

If you apply for the Review sessions, please also provide the names of at least two senior scholars from the Netherlands from whom you would like to receive a response. These scholars should not be already involved in your project. NOSTER will contact them.
Presenters in the Feedback and Review sessions will be asked to provide the text they’d like to discuss in due course: it is not necessary to submit them straight away.

See the conference’s main page for more information and registration. In case you have any questions, please contact us at