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Research Webinar ‘Christianity Worldwide’ 2021-2022, Online

Teaching staff: The course is coordinated by Professor dr. Dorottya Nagy (PThU) and Professor dr. Martha Frederiks (UU). When and where relevant for specific research projects, other senior NOSTER members will be invited to share their expertise.
Course description: The NOSTER Research Webinar Christianity Worldwide spotlights methods and theory in the study of Christianity/ies worldwide. The aim of the course is to familiarize PhD candidates with relevant theories and methods in order to assist them in making well-considered choices while planning and executing their research project and while analyzing the data. The course will be taught online to cater especially for external PhD candidates and employs close-reading of key texts and peer-to-peer coaching of draft texts as its main methods.
Course objectives: This research webinar contributes to an advanced understanding of the content and methods of the field in general, with attention to the specific research interests of the PhD candidates participating in the course. The course also aims to contribute to community building among PhD candidates working in kindred fields.
 Learning goals:

Participants are:

  • familiar with current discussions in the study of Christianity worldwide;
  • able to critically reflect on the presuppositions of the theory and methods used in research proposals;
  • able to assess and constructively critique draft texts written by peers.

Teaching methods: a. close reading of key texts; b. presentation and discussion of research proposals
Place: Online
Dates: Monthly meetings, starting in October 2021. The exact dates are to be announced.
Credits and workload: 3 EC (8 meetings of 2.5 hours + 8 hours preparatory readings per session = 84 hours). Upgrading the course to 5EC is possible (e.g. by additional reading or a paper).
Admission: PhD candidates with a preference for external PhD candidates (buitenpromovendi/-ae). A training and supervision plan accepted by your local graduate school is required. For this course, a maximum number of 15 participants applies.
Participation and registration: If you wish to participate in this event, you will need to register here before 31 July 2021. Once you have created a personal account on this website and have logged in, you can register for this event by clicking the green ‘Register for this item’ button on the right. Please note that if due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend, please inform the NOSTER office as soon as possible.
Costs: Participation is free for PhD candidates registered at NOSTER or any other research school in the Humanities. The cost to other PhD candidates is €150 for 3 ECTS and €250 for 5 ECTS. For more information about membership (including reduced fees for external PhD candidates) and costs, click here.


  • 12 Oct 2021