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Research Seminar Empirical Research in Religion

0,25 EC 21 Sep 2018

2018 – 2019

Teaching staff: Prof.dr. M. Barnard (PThU) and dr. C.J.A. Sterkens (RU)

Course description:
This ongoing seminar meets monthly to offer a forum for discussion of PhD-research done by participants. Added to that are thematic contributions on issues like references and bibliography, personal commitment and academic distantiation, publishing strategies, choosing and defending empirical methods, and preparing for the public defense.

Course objectives:
The course aims at supporting the participants during their PhD-work and developing their skills through intervision and methodological assignments.

Final qualifications:

  • The student is able to participate in collegial discussions of ongoing work and to present and defend his or her own work.
  • The student is able to assess and discuss methodological and theological aspects of empirical research in religion.

Teaching methods: Seminar: presentations and discussion with participants.
Testing methods: Presence and participation.
Participation: Registration is required via the NOSTER website. When logged in to your personal account on the NOSTER website a register button will appear on the right. A certificate of attendance can be given to the students after finishing the course. In case you are an external PhD candidate your promotor has to send NOSTER an email (, giving his or her consent with your participation.
Costs: Participation is free for NOSTER members. For those who are no member of NOSTER the fee for this seminar is €125,-. For more information about membership and costs per EC, see this page.
Credits: 0,25 EC / meeting
Place: Utrecht
Number of sessions: Ten sessions per year of three hours each. Members of the seminar are expected to participate two full years and to attend at least 20 sessions.
Course-specific admission requirements: The course is open to PhD candidates and research master students in empirically oriented fields in theology and religious studies.


  • 21 Sep 2018 10:00 13:00
    Nijmegen, as part of the NOSTER Opening of the Academic Year. More information t.b.a.


Nieuwegracht 65, Utrecht, Nederland
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