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NOSTER Autumn PhD Conference (0,5 EC)

13 May 2013

25 September 2013
(with PhD seminars, lectures and debate)

NOSTER Autumn PhD Conference 2013 (Algemene Startdag NOSTER 2013)
NOSTER’s Autumn PhD Conference is a one day conference on 25 September 2013. The programme contains PhD seminars, lectures and debates.

Morning programme
10.00-10.15: Welcome by NOSTER director prof. dr. Anne-Marie Korte
(location: prof. A. Cohenzaal, Trans 14, Utrecht).

10.30-12.30: Regular meeting of each of the PhD seminars:
a. PhD seminar ‘Empirical Research in Religion’ (location: Trans 8, A.W. de Grootkamer (0.19).
b. PhD seminar ‘Historical Research in Theology and Religious Studies’ (location: Drift 23, Tutorruimte 0.13).
c. PhD seminar ‘Dogmatics, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion’ (location: Trans 14, Vergaderkamer 2.01).
d. PhD seminar ‘Biblical Studies’ (location: Muntstraat 2A, Stijlkamer (1.11).
e. Multidisciplinary PhD seminar in ‘Religion, Theology and Gender’ (location: Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Stijlkamer van Ravesteyn (1.06).

Today the PhD seminars are open for new members and others who are interested.

12.30-13.45: Lunch, offered by NOSTER (location: Luden, Janskerkhof, Utrecht).

Afternoon programme
The subject of the afternoon programme: “Professional Perspectives for (external) PhD Graduates in Theology and Religious Studies”.

14.00-15.00: Plenary session on “Professional Perspectives for PhD Graduates in Theology and Religious Studies” on the basis of research among NOSTER-alumni: dr. Inge Versteegt, prof. Peter Nissen and others (location: Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht).

15.00-15.30: Coffee/tea.

15.30-17.00: Workshops (parallel sessions):
a. “Writing a Research Proposal (Including a CV or Track Record)” (Coen Wilders, NWO).
b. “Drawing up your CV for Non-Academic Job Applications” (Jolanda Franken, Bureau Topselect).

17.00-17.30: Reception.

Teaching staff:
Prof. Anne-Marie Korte (UU, Hosting professor and teacher of the Multidisciplinary PhD Seminars in Religion, Theology and Gender), dr. Heleen Zorgdrager (PThU, Multidisciplinary PhD Seminars in Religion, Theology and Gender), prof. Peter Nissen (RU, PhD Seminar Historical Research in Theology and Religious Studies and plenary session), prof. Marcel Barnard (PThU) and prof. Hans Alma (UvH) (both teachers of the PhD Seminar Empirical Research in Religion), dr. Stephan van Erp (RU) and prof. Marcel Sarot (TiU) (both teachers of the PhD Seminar in Dogmatics, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion) and others (to be announced), dr. Inge Versteegt (plenary session), Coen Wilders (NWO, workshop a), Jolanda Franken (Bureau Topselect, workshop b)

Credits: 0,5 EC.

The NOSTER Autumn PhD Conference is open to students of accredited Research Master programmes and to PhD students. In some cases, research-oriented students from other master programmes may be admitted. For further information, please contact the office (

Period: September 2013.

Place: Utrecht (UU).

Number of sessions: One day programme.

Teaching methods: Seminar (presentations and discussion with participants), lectures, discussions and workshops.

Testing methods: Not applicable.

Dates and times: 25 September 2013, 10.00 – 17.30.

Course objectives:
The course aims at giving students the opportunity to develop and practice their research skills in disciplinary seminars and to offering them information and insight in their career prospects within and outside academia.

Course-specific admission requirements:
This course is open to all PhD and Research Master students in the field of Theology and Religious Studies.

Participation is free for NOSTER members. For not NOSTER members the fees are:
Participation: € 25,- (incl. lunch).

Those who are interested in following this course can apply until 18 September 2013. Registration is required, and a certificate of attendance will be given to the students after finishing their assessments.