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Recent Developments in Textual Criticism (STAR 8)

08 Oct 2010

Edited by W. Weren and D-A. Koch
Publication date: January 2003

From 4 to 6 January 2001, a three-day international conference on textual criticism took place in Münster. This conference was remarkable for its multi-disciplinary set-up. The speakers included experts in the field of New Testament textual criticism as well as researchers who specialise in preparing critical editions of documents from early-Jewish and rabbinic literature.

Text-critical problems concerning the study of early-Christian literature other than the New Testament were also on the conference programme.

This book contains most of the papers presented during the conference, but it is not simply a volume containing conference proceedings. The papers have often been thoroughly revised and two articles were added afterwards at the invitation of the editors. There is also a substantial inroduction by the editors.
Contributors include Barbara Aland, James Keith Elliott, and Folkert Siegert.