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STAR Series

STAR Studies in Theology and Religion

The STAR-series is an initiative of the NOSTER Board. It aims at making proceedings of conferences better available to scholars, at publishing quality monographs, including outstanding dissertations. STAR will give high priority to the publication of the results of interdisciplinary research in an ecumenical, interreligious and intercultural context. The series will also incorporate introductions to specific fields of theological and religious studies, serving both the senior and junior researcher.

Editor in Chief: prof.dr. J.W. van Henten
Editorial assistant: Winnifred Jelier

Publisher: Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands
(Volumes 1 and 2 published by Deo Publishing, Leyden, The Netherlands; Volumes 3-11 published by Royal Van Gorcum Publishers, Assen, The Netherlands)

The STAR template or German Style sheet can be downloaded in the righter column.

NOSTER members receive a discount on all volumes of the STAR series.
For more information about the discount, please contact the NOSTER office:
For ordering please go to Brill’s website at

An overview of series can be found below.