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Call for Papers: Challenging the status quo

18 Nov 2017

Societies rise and fall through challenges to the status quo. The status quo is the result of past innovations and revolutions, but inevitably new ideas will come to challenge it. ERIS is seeking papers and book reviews on this theme.


-Revolutions throughout history, such as the Russian revolutions in 1917, the Iranian revolution in 1978, the industrial revolution starting in the eighteenth century and the agricultural revolution in 10.000BCE.
-Identifying the status quo within current cultures and societies.
-The technological advancements that shrinked the world and led humans to live lives more intertwined with technology.
-Speculations on the current political revolutions such as Brexit and the election of president Trump.
-The evolution of ideas, such as changes in the Zeitgeist, or changes in e.g. the concept of freedom from Ancient Greece to Georg Wilhelm Hegel.
-Shifts in demographics and migration, such as the aging of modern societies or the current refugee crisis.
-Inventions such as electricity, weaponry and the aeroplane.
-The effects of discoveries of ‘new worlds’, such as Columbus’ discovery of America or our possible forthcoming discovery of life on other planets.
-The language of breakthroughs and how we can conceptualize new dimensions of meaning.
-The value of the status quo and conservatism as opposed to the value of progress.

You can find the author guidelines on The maximum word count of book reviews is 2000. Articles should be between 2000 and 5000 words. The submissions should be sent to before 18-11-2017.