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Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion

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Home / Postcolonial biblical interpretation (STAR 20)

Postcolonial biblical interpretation (STAR 20)

Edited by Jeremy Punt Publication date: January 2015

Religious Stories We Live By (STAR 19)

Edited by R.R. Ganzevoort, M.A.C. de Haardt and M. Scherer-Rath Publication date: October 2013

Present-Day Spiritualities (STAR 18)

Edited by E. Hense, F. Jespers, and P.J.A. Nissen Publication date: October 2013

Early Christian Ethics in Interaction with Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts (STAR 17)

Edited by J.W. van Henten and J. Verheyden Publication date: November 2012

Coping with Violence in the New Testament (STAR 16)

Edited by Pieter G.R. de Villiers and Jan Willem van Henten Publication date: January 2012

Religious Polemics in context (STAR 11)

Hettema, T.L , Kooij van der, A. (eds.)

Religion and the Good Life (STAR 10)

Sarot, M., Stoker, W. (eds.)

Evangelien-harmonien des Mittelalters (STAR 9)

Burger C., Hollander A. den, Schmid U. (eds.)

Theology between Church, University, and Society (STAR 6)

Martien E. Brinkman, Nico F.M. Schreurs, Hendrik M. Vroom, Conrad J. Wethmar (eds)